Peaches is a very outspoken young lady. She has a lot to say, especially when she feels you aren’t paying enough attention to her. This pretty girl loves to snuggle and be with her people, but she can be selective on who she likes. Peaches prefers females and so far will only let females hold her. As most cockatoos do, Peaches will try to intimidate those she thinks fear her, so she would do best with someone familiar with cockatoos to adopt her. Peaches loves to play and her favorite thing to do is walk around the house like she owns it! If someone is humming a tune or she hears ANY music, Peaches starts dancing to the beat. She will start to yell at her people if they don’t start dancing with her. She eats her fruits and veggies but is picky when it comes to pellets, which is something her foster mom is working on with her. This crazy cutie is the perfect addition to a cockatoo-loving home!

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